What's this all about then?

Old cars are fun as shit. We make stuff that celebrates that fact.


So this is for reals? No joke?

No joke. Sure everything we come up with has an element of humor. But we won't ever put anything out that isn't grounded in some serious thinking.


What's with the donut badge then?

Yeah it seemed like a bad idea.


I love old sports cars but don't own one. Can I still buy this crap?

Hells yes start with a keychain and build from there.


I love old sports cars but I'm kind of a dick. Can I still buy this crap?



How do the tees fit?

Vintage tees fit vintagey. Streetwear tees fit lose. Something for everyone, if you're into one of those two things.


Why you always hatin' on old people?

Old people that're young at heart we love. Anyone who's old at heart we hate. Sounds harsh.


You guys are all sold out of that thing I want. Restocking any time soon?

Most of this stuff is limited run. Make enough noise and we'll bring it back.


I've got a shop that sells sexy car stuff. Can I get Earth to Robots wholesale?

Weird. We should talk.


Does the future look bright?

It sure does.