Win on Sunday, sell on Monday

Win on Sunday, sell on Monday

Nobody ever loses and anyone who does is a total loser not worth losing sleep over. Except there’s just one podium spot. And a whole bunch of people having a blast trying to stand on it.

You miss the point when you reduce racing to sales. Sure someone has to foot the bill, and well funded teams go fast. But it’s the fight we fall in love with. It’s the possibility of falling short that holds the romance.

The next time the winningest winners fart out another win, roll your eyes and take a nap. There’s always Tuesday.

James Hunt hogs Mclaren’s hospitality couch during the 1981 Spanish GP. 

Jacky Ickx takes a break from reality during the 1970 Italian GP.

Bruce McLaren sneaks a snooze during a Can-Am test day at Riverside in 1966.

Corner workers offer Jackie Stewart a bottle of something bubbly after taking a DNF at the 1970 German GP.

Mario Andretti contemplates his choices after taking a DNF 10 laps into the 1979 Dutch GP.

Jackie Stewart hitches a ride back on Derek Bell’s Brabham Ford at the 1970 Belgian GP.

Peter Revson shows us how it’s done during the 1973 Brazilian GP.


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