Robots is dead. Long live the Robots!

Robots is dead. Long live the Robots!

Wait, what? Where’s Joshy Robots going? Not going, growing. Seriously though it’s a great name but it’s always kinda been too small. And our next chapter is all about going big – ditching fear and developing crazier product, throwing elbows and making more room for more folks in this community...

Confused? We’ll explain.

This project started almost ten years ago with a tiny dream: make the dumbest grill badge imaginable (the original donut). We could make one for a grip of money and call it art, or 50 for about the same grip and call it product. Would 49 other weirdos share our sense of humor? Oh and we’d have to slap a brand name on it... hey Josh's instagram handle was sticky, why not use that?

Ten years on we're going harder than ever. We do rallies, put down miles, make crazy shit, slap the name on it, and you weirdos keep rolling with us (your eyes and wheels). Some of our stuff is silly, some of it subversive, but all of it aims to help this old car community grow.

Which brings us to the name. The original was great; a big silly empty vessel to fill with everything we love about driving. But it’s also a person’s name, which is confusing. Shucks. We're not married to it, why not stick with what works and ditch the rest? No rules!

So we went hunting for something that smacked of possibility. Earth to Robots is about having your head in the stars. It’s a play on the ol' greaser insult – only flipped – we’d rather be dreamers: heads stuck in the stratosphere rather than the sand.

What’s it all mean? Not much at first. We’ll keep continuity, keep preaching our values, sell Joshy Robots product til it’s out of stock. But going forward the new stuff will all say Earth to Robots. If you’ve got a weird Joshy fetish better have at it.

Also SHIFT KNOBS CAN WE MAKE SOME FUCKING SHIFT KNOBS ALREADY?! (sorry that was for the woodworking gods not you)

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